Alliance of Massachusetts YMCA

Alliance of Massachusetts YMCAs Offer DCF Foster Youth *Free One-year Access 

*This offer is available by contacting your DCF Social Worker and asking for the qualifying letter. This offer does not require the use of the Wonderfund Access Card. Please read the instructions located on this page to access this offer. 

Our incredible partners at the Alliance of Massachusetts YMCAs create access and opportunity for foster children by providing free one-year access for very *DCF foster child, eighteen and under. 

Through one-year YMCA access, hundreds of DCF foster children enjoy independent and group activities that promote fun, health, creativity, community and friendship.  

The Alliance of Massachusetts YMCAs serves 1.3 million people across the Commonwealth. With over 700 service locations, there are 530,000 children and teens being served, 284,000 attending early learning and after school programs, and over 21,000 employed youth to provide a wide range of activities to nurture their potential and ensure their success. 

This offer is for DCF foster children living with DCF approved foster parents and is not yet available to Congregate Care facilities and IFC placements 

THANK YOU to the Alliance of MA YMCAs for this tremendous gift and opportunity!