Children’s Museum of Greater Fall River

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Thank you to the Children’s Museum of Greater Fall River for welcoming DCF foster children and their families!

The mission of The Children’s Museum of Greater Fall River is to provide an environment that encourages and inspires a love for the learning process while strengthening family, education, and social bonds. In its unique environment, children actively make connections among ideas, people and cultures. Encompassing the broad themes of community, family, and creativity, the museum encourages children to define their role in and contribution to society at large while supporting every parents effort to be the best parent they can.

Have fun! 

Access Card Offer Details

Present your Wonderfund Access Card and a valid photo ID, and pay $5.00 per person admission. The discount applies for up to four people per card, per visit.

Space station at the children museum of greater fall river
Children Museum of Greater Fall River building