Iron Mountain’s Holiday 25th Annual Gift of Giving

Iron Mountain’s Holiday Gift of Giving tradition had a modest origin in 1999. Employees provided Christmas gifts for a small number of children in the care of the DCF Park Street Office. During the next 15 years, the number of children supported by Gift of Giving donations increased exponentially. Every year, shortly before Thanksgiving, the Iron Mountain elves set up the Giving Tree and decorated it with gift wish tags capturing the individual gift wishes of numerous children under DCF care.

During the peak years of the Gift of Giving (2009 – 2013), Iron Mountain employees each year donated 600 – 750 gifts for more than 150 children. Every year the gifts often included doll houses, toy kitchen sets, musical instruments, 50 plus winter coats and 15 or more bikes. The Gift of Giving sprouted many annual special traditions. Among these were small groups of employees and larger department groups holding bike building Holiday parties, employees selecting gift tags with gift wishes for children the same age as their own and then allowing their own children to shop for the gifts and employee sneaking up to the Giving Tree late in the day or after hours to grab the last few lonely gift tags. And always employees asked “what more can I do?”. Countless employees continuously expressed that the Gift of Giving was the Iron Mountain event that they most looked forward to every year.

More recently, due to the move to a new headquarters site and other factors, the scope of the Gift of Giving has been reduced but its spirit is still going strong in this 25th year. The generosity of Iron Mountain employees now benefits the children supported by the Brockton DCF Office. Over the years, Iron Mountain employees and management have contributed well over $150,000 in check donations to the Wonderfund.