Kowloon Car Hop

Image of triangular building with sign over door that reads "Kowloon".On Monday, August 2nd, Bob Wong, his family, and the incredible team at Kowloon, opened their doors and hearts to invite 80 foster families for an unforgettable evening. Each family got to experience the special joy of an iconic Kowloon Car Hop — complete with drive-in theater and carhop for food & drink service! Upon arrival, families were welcomed with goodie bags filled with squishy balls, blow up beach balls, light up bracelets, rubix cubes, coloring paper and more! A delicious Chinese dinner was delivered to each family’s table followed by a private outdoor showing of “Trolls World Tour”. It was a night to remember, as the sun set and families were able to gather to sing, dance and enjoy the movie together. Kowloon has been a landmark in the community since the 1950’s and we are so grateful for their support!

The Wonderfund was founded to exclusively serve children engaged with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families. Our unique partnership with DCF allows us the opportunity to work directly with social workers to meet the individual needs of these children. Through our work, we are able to gather families with children at events that allow them one-on-one time to connect with each other. We can help them overcome significant obstacles and increase their chance of becoming healthy, productive adults.