The Wonderfund’s Foster Family Day at the Museum of Science

On Saturday, October 16th, the Wonderfund hosted a truly special event. Over 1,000 families gathered at the Museum of Science Boston for our Foster Family day at the Museum of Science where they were able to explore exhibits, play, and learn. Children in foster care got to experience the Museum’s Arctic exhibit, butterfly garden, electricity show, and indoor zoo featuring insects and animals and their habitats. The children’s energy and excitement as they experienced cool science experiments and learned something new was contagious. Kids and families were able to enjoy live presentations, visited incredible and educational exhibits, and participated in the most popular activity: The “Maker Space”, an activity that allowed kids to make a witch’s broom fly for 5 seconds in a wind tunnel! Kids of all ages created incredible creations, tested them out, made adjustments and watched them fly! Spooky!

Huge thanks to the Museum of Science for being a leading partner with the Wonderfund, creating magical moments that matter for thousands of children in foster care across Massachusetts.

Here’s what families had to say after the event!

“Just want to say ‘Thank you’ again for a lovely day, lunch and FREE PARKING at the Museum.
[The kids] were delighted to go and I was happy with the free parking and vouchers for lunch. We will be going back again since there is never enough time in that museum ….always exploring and trying something new. We are very appreciative for the great job you all did at obtaining the tickets and accommodations. We had a great day!!!”

–Sherri Rasetta (Sam, Bella, Robin, Keldin & Rylan)


“I just wanted to thank you all. The boys had a fantastic time. [We are] very grateful for an extremely enjoyable Saturday.”

–Bonnie Currie


Jessie, just want to thank you for Saturday, the kids had a great time, and so did we!!!! Thanks so much!!!!



We had a wonderful time and enjoyed the exhibits and live presentations.

–Joan Snell

At Wonderfund, we work directly with the Massachusetts Department of Children and families to provide comfort and dignity to children in traumatic situations and enrich childhoods that have been impacted by abuse and neglect. By supporting traumatized children, the Wonderfund can help them build resiliency, confidence, and agency over their own lives!

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