Mightier welcomes children in DCF foster care and their foster families! 

Access Card Offer Details

Mightier invites Wonderfund Access Card families to purchase a 12-month Mightier subscription for just $50.00. 

How to Purchase Mightier

Proof of a Wonderfund Access Card is required. Subscriptions must be purchased online. Complete the survey to get started. Once the survey is completed, the Mightier team will validate your card and email you a sign up link within 5 days. Remember to check your spam folder.

About Mightier

Mightier is a clinically proven gaming program that helps kids ages 6-14 build emotional regulation skills through play. A fun, accessible way to learn lifelong calming skills! Developed and tested at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, it’s been proven to reduce symptoms for kids who have a mental health diagnosis or are just struggling with their emotions. All the while, caregivers are supported by a parent app that helps set family goals, and access insights and activities.  

How Mightier Works

Kids wear a comfy wireless heart rate monitor on their arm while they play. This allows them to visualize and connect with their emotions in real-time. If their heart rate rises (excitement, frustration, or anxiety), the games become harder. This makes cooling down also a part of the game, and as kids bring their heart rate down using various calming skills, the games become easy again.

In time, these emotional regulation skills become muscle memory in real-life situations!

Using Mightier

All it takes is 15 minutes a day, three times a week. Establishing a consistent routine is important to practice their skills. 87% of parents report improvement in 90 days.

What is included with Mightier?

  • Mightier’s game system
  • 28 award-winning games 
  • The Mightier Parent App, with activities and parental controls
  • Live support from the Mightier Family Care Team seven days a week
  • Access to our Parent Community and other Mightier families

Who is Mightier a good fit for?

Mightier is clinically proven to help kids who struggle with frustration, anger, oppositional behavior, anxiety, emotional regulation, inattentiveness, and hyperactivity. More than 50,000 families and 100,000 kids are already playing!

Learn more about Mightier here