Wonderfund Resources

We exist to help you serve every child on your caseload, both at home and foster.

Thank you for all the work that you do every day! We are here to help you! 

Did you know…

  • The Wonderfund is a private nonprofit that only serves children engaged with DCF
  • Every DCF social worker and foster care social worker can easily get Wonderfund resources
  • All children and teens with a DCF open case is eligible for Wonderfund resources

Enrichment Grants

Enrichment grants are available to every one with an open case — both children and teens at home and in foster care. 

Every DCF case worker can apply for an enrichment grant for youth on their caseload by completing a simple Wonderfund enrichment application (Foundant).

Enrichment grants include summer camp, sports, music, art, swimming, certification classes (like lifeguard and nail tech) and membership fees.

Please note: enrichment grants are for services only. 

We encourage you to apply for a grant for every child on your caseload!

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Emergency Essentials

For youth who experience home removal, Wonderfund provides each Area Office with emergency essential items. 

Types of emergency essentials provided:

  • New, large duffel bags
  • Seasonally appropriate clothing, pajamas, socks and underwear
  • Hygiene kits (toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap)
  • Period kits
  • Hair care and skin care kits for Black and Brown youth


Inventory varies, please reach out to your Area Office Gatekeeper with questions about your office’s inventory. 

The Wonderfund also provides each youth who experiences home removal a $50 Visa gift card to purchase necessities. Cards are available through your Wonderfund Gatekeeper. 

Wonderfund Access Card & Museum of Science

Wonderfund Access Card benefits are available for foster, kinship and pre-adoptive families. 

Wonderfund Access Card:

  • The Wonderfund Access Card provides free and discounted opportunities for foster families statewide.
  • The Access Card is mailed by the DCF Central Office to every active foster home in the month of December.
  • If a family needs a card, they can request one by emailing DCFFosterCare@MassMail.State.MA.US and including their mailing address.
  • Current list of Access Card Partners. 


Museum of Science benefits are available for foster, kinship and pre-adoptive families. 

Museum of Science:

  • Note: Museum of Science is not associated with the Access Card. 
  • The Museum of Science offers free unrestricted admission for DCF foster families.
  • Active foster families are invited by email twice yearly to register for free admission to the Museum.
  • When registration is confirmed, the Wonderfund and Museum inform the families of their benefits.
  • Learn more about our partnership with The Museum of Science here

Wonderfund Holiday Gift Drive

Every child with an open case, both at home and foster, are eligible to receive gifts from the Wonderfund Holiday Gift Drive. 

  • Every child on your caseload is eligible to fill out and submit a holiday wish list to be fulfilled by individual and corporate sponsors. 
  • The Wonderfund also provides each area office with loose toys and gift cards for teens and other children whose wishlists are not otherwise fulfilled.
  • Starting in September, we encourage you to contact your area office holiday gatekeeper. (Note: this might be different from your Area Office Gatekeeper)
  • More information about the Wonderfund Holiday Gift Drive. 

Additional questions? Reach out to your Area Office Gatekeeper or the Wonderfund at info@wonderfundma.org.

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